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Over the last 10 years, New Hues Painting has made a reliable and trustworthy reputation for itself. We were once a smaller company only serving the Niagara region, but now we serve St. Catharines and surrounding cities including Hamilton, burlington, Oakville, and Milton. As we grow as a painting company, our relationships with our clients grows as well. We have always kept in touch with our clients and many times worked for them or their friends and family on multiple occasions. We believe in working hard and always producing the highest quality results so that our clients are 100% satisfied. Whether you need our services for your home or your commercial building we are always eager to help! Our team of painters is up to any painting project big or small. You can expect our paitners to be courteous, clean and on time always. New Hues Painting is all about removing any stereotypes associated with hiring contractors by making sure we make this painting process stress-free and hassle-free for you.

As a dependable residential and commercial painting company, New Hues Painting has had the opportunity to work with homes, restaurants, office buildings, storage tanks and much more. We have been able to hone our skills and provide our clients with the expertise they need. Throughout our time with you, we make sure the painting project is always going as planned. Communication with or clients is our top priority, we really want to make sure you are involved and that we stay on task and on time. Our time in the painting industry so far has given us the chance to perfect what we do. New Hues Painting stands for excellence, integrity, and quality customer service. We won’t let you down. Please contact us by phone or email today if you are in need of any residential or commercial painting services. Our sales staff will be pleased to assist you, and will even provide a free quote.

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